By the year 2050, 70% of the world will live in cities, according to the Population Reference Bureau.

The most population-dense cities grapple with unique challenges. They fight for resources, like housing and personal space, and they put infrastructure to the test.

Here’s just a taste of what life is like.

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New York City is the densest city in the US. One square mile contains more than 27,000 people, and it’s led to countless delays for commuters. But claustrophobic as it may seem, it barely stacks up against the world’s most crowded cities.

Source: NYC Population

Consider Manila. With a population density of 107,000 people per square mile, it’s the most crowded city in the world.

Manila’s fertility rate is 3.1 children per woman. Experts predict the population will double by 2025, despite fears the city’s infrastructure can’t sustain the boom.

Source: World Population Review

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