Ontario Premier Doug Ford applauds as Lt.-Gov. Elizabeth Dowdeswell delivers the speech from the throne to open the new legislative session at the Ontario Legislature at Queen's Park in Toronto on June 12, 2018.

The announcement was expected.

Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government announced Wednesday that the province’s sex-ed curriculum, updated in 2015, will be replaced. In the mean time, the old curriculum — a version from 1998 — will be taught to kids.

Doug Ford campaigned on a promise to scrap the revamped curriculum, which included new classroom discussions on topics including consent, same-sex marriages, online bullying, and sexting.

They’re examples of conversations that have become mainstream in the last 20 years — but they won’t be reflected in the Ontario curriculum when students head back to school in September.

Twenty years. A lot has happened in that time.

1998: Sam Oosterhoff celebrated his 1st birthday

And now the Tory MPP is Ontario’s new parliamentary assistant to the minister of education.

1999: Ricky Martin embarks on a successful solo career

2000: People realize the Y2K bug, aka Millennium Bug, was NBD

The world survives with its computer networks intact.

2001: Destiny’s Child drops “Bootylicious”

2002: “The Osbournes” premiered on MTV

You can thank the “Prince of Darkness” for ushering in a new age of reality TV.

2003: Mark Zuckerberg launches Facemash

Facemash was the precursor to Facebook that allowed users to rate a same-sex lineup of people on their attractiveness.

2004: “The Apprentice” premieres on ABC

2005: Canada legalizes same-sex marriage

The Civil Marriage Act became law on July 20, 2005, making Canada the first country outside Europe to legalize same-sex marriage.

2006: Astronomers strip Pluto’s “planet” status

Your planetary ruse was up, Pluto.

2007: Apple releases its first-generation iPhone

The U.K. released a report the same year, warning that the number of children victimized by cyberbullying doubled in year.

2008: Canadian release of the iPhone

Rogers becomes the first telecom provider to carry the new smartphone.

2009: Study suggests 59 per cent of Ontario teens have had sex

A study commissioned by Planned Parenthood and three Ontario universities recommended educators create a “school environment and …read more

Source:: The Huffington Post – Canada Music


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