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With Snap and now Facebook making augmented reality ads an increasing priority, ad agencies have started accelerating their efforts to crack the format.
Agencies are taking a variety of approaches, such as forming new teams, internal demos, dedicated Slack channels and happy hours to get employees and clients better acquainted with AR.
Client interest and spending in AR is also going up, agencies say.

This week, Facebook announced that augmented reality ads would now be making their way into people’s News Feeds.

With both Facebook and Snap making AR ads an increasing priority, ad agencies have started cranking up their efforts to master the format and are scrambling to figure out where it fits in the digital advertising landscape.

Currently, agencies including BBDO, OMD, Wavemaker, Glow and Avatarlabs are trying everything from building dedicated AR teams, to conducting internal demos, to dedicated Slack channels focused on AR ad craft. Some are even hosting happy hours to get employees and clients better acquainted with AR concepts.

The rationale behind this pus is that AR is no longer just a shiny, new object. While Snapchat has been pioneer of the medium– through which real-world images can be blended with computer-generated visuals – Facebook’s push has given AR ads a whole new stage and unprecedented scale.

“Between Snapchat and Facebook, the writing is on the wall,” said Robert Lester, associate creative director at Glow. “AR ads are at an inflection point, and now have reached a certain level of reach and distribution.”

Agencies can no longer leave AR ads to others

AR has gained enough traction to make agencies change the way they approach its execution. Instead of outsourcing their production to the platforms, or production companies and other partners as they had typically done in the past, some agencies are now hiring or developing in-house …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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