Our politicians deserve respect

Re: “NDP government goes a-courtin’ one more time during Stampede,” Graham Thomson, Opinion, July 7.

During the Stampede parade, the boorish man sitting in front of me yelled at Premier Rachel Notley, “Enjoy it! It’s your last one!”

Whether this is her “last one” is irrelevant. The man’s behaviour speaks to a larger issue of an unfortunate sense of entitlement that is prevalent.

I’ve often read and heard similar sentiments directed toward our municipal politicians and I wonder why. How do some people feel they can vocalize their frustrations with our leaders with impunity?

Well, I’ve asked some of them and their justification is always a variation of, “I pay their salary.”

So? If someone owned a business and I was buying something or using their service, would that give me the right to criticize the staff and ownership? Most certainly not. I would fully expect to be asked to never return.

Ironically, it’s not the “poorly behaved millennials” who share this sense of entitlement, but the well-established middle-aged folks and baby boomers.

Zev Klymochko, Calgary

PM’s alleged behaviour can’t be overlooked

Re: “Media could learn from PM’s plight,” Letter, July 9.

In response to L.G. Anderson’s letter regarding the prime minister having changed and learned from his experience, that’s wonderful and I’m sure there are only sunny days to come.

Just two points: whether the alleged bad behaviour happened yesterday or yesteryear, it is and was wrong in either era, regardless of what is or was accepted. Times may change, but the truth stays constant.

As well, the PM’s hypocrisy is breathtaking. The punishment meted out to his two party members (Kent Hehr and Darshan Kang) should be applied to the PM as well, regardless of how much reflection has taken place on the part of the PM.

If we could all obliterate our sins, past and …read more

Source:: Calgary Herald


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