Sikome Lake staff won’t get their feet wet

I have enjoyed Sikome Lake for many years. I did not visit their website this year explaining that they have no lifeguards. Every other year they have.

The people sitting in the lifeguard towers are aquatic monitors and do not get into the water to assist anyone in distress.

Recently, as I was swimming, I saw a man in trouble calling for help. He was in over his head and could not swim. I quickly swam up to him and started yelling for help.

My husband and two other men came to the rescue while the aquatic monitors watched us with binoculars.

I met up with the gentleman afterward, and he thanked me very much for helping him. He told me that he definitely needed assistance getting back to the shore. He said he saw no sign posted about the water depth.

On the website, it states only that the water depth is variable. He thought it very odd that the young, healthy staff who were occupying the lifeguard towers were not lifeguards.

By the way, I am 65 and my husband is 70 and the average age of the monitors is probably 18 to 30 years old.

Please bring lifeguards back to Sikome Lake; and parents, watch your children, because the monitors are watching, but will probably not enter the lake.

Pat Hobbs, Calgary

Technology divides us, not connects us

Re: Editorial cartoon, July 12.

I cannot imagine a cartoon that more eloquently depicts the social malaise of today than the one provided by Patrick LaMontagne.

A couple standing near a tree are gazing at a wondrous starlit sky.

“What a perfect summer night,” she says. But then his cellphone begins chirping and he checks it out. What a perfect opportunity lost to romanticize about their lives together, about the happiness (and difficulties) they both …read more

Source:: Calgary Herald


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