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It may not feel like it if you’ve booked a trip recently, but Travel + Leisure reports flying is actually as cheap as it’s ever been. On top of already-reduced flight costs, there is also an endless number of hacks you can use to find even cheaper flights. And lucky for us, the prices are likely to keep falling.

Some of the biggest airlines and even small startups are working on innovations that will reduce the cost of flying for passengers, with most of the savings hitting the airlines first. Some of the savings will come from reducing the cost of flying a plane in the first place, and others will bring in automation that cuts down on staffing costs and human errors.

In all cases, the benefit will eventually reach the consumer in the form of cheaper airfare. Read on for some of the inventions that could make flying cheaper in the near and distant future.

High fuel costs might be slashed by electric planes.

Jet fuel costs have continued to rise over the years, so an obvious cost-saver would be to reduce our dependence on it. Some of the biggest planemakers, including Boeing and JetBlue, are investing in electric jet startups. We’re likely a long way from high-capacity electric planes, and so far the test planes have traveled a limited number of miles, but it’s definitely a step towards more eco-friendly planes and likely lower fuel costs.

Self-flying planes are a real possibility.

Automating certain jobs is a way for companies to save money, and this is especially true when you’re considering cutting out high-salary positions like those of pilots. Glassdoor reports that the average salary of a commercial pilot is $113,709. Autonomous planes could save airlines upwards of $30 billion over the next 20 …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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