Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore, the new chief of Google Cloud AI, co-chairs a task force on AI and national security with deep defense sector ties.
Moore leads the task force with Robert Work, the man who reportedly helped to create Project Maven.
Moore has given various talks about the role of AI and defense, once noting that it was now possible to deploy drones capable of surveilling “pretty much the whole world.”
One former Googler told Business Insider that the hiring of Moore is a “punch in the face” to those employees.

When Google Cloud chief Diane Greene announced that Andrew Moore would later this year replace Fei-Fei Li as head of artificial intelligence for Google Cloud, she mentioned he was dean of the school of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University and that he formerly worked at Google.

What Greene didn’t mention was that Moore also is co-chairman of an AI task force created by the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) a think tank with strong ties to the US military. Moore’s co-chair on the task force is Robert Work, a former deputy secretary of defense, who the New York Times has called “the driving force behind the creation of Project Maven,” the US military’s effort to analyze data, such as drone footage, using AI.

Google’s involvement in Project Maven caused a huge backlash inside the company earlier this year, forcing CEO Sundar Pichai to pledge that Google would never work on AI-enhanced weapons.

The hiring of Moore is sure re-ignite debate about Google’s involvement in certain markets for artificial intelligence — one of the hottest areas of tech with a massive business potential — and the relationship the company maintains with the military.

During his tenure at Carnegie Mellon, Moore has often discussed the role of AI in …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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