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Castles may have served as impenetrable fortresses in medieval times, but many have become eerie, crumbling structures.

Even structures that have been abandoned for centuries still seem to echo with the ghosts of the dignitaries who lived there, the wars fought on their grounds, and the opulence they once contained.

Here are 13 abandoned castles around the world and the stories behind them.

Bannerman Castle — Beacon, New York

Bannerman Castle once acted as arms storage for Frank Bannerman, a Scottish munitions dealer in New York City. Bannerman and his wife eventually built a glamorous, castle-like home on the property, located on Pollepel Island on the Hudson River, and resided there during the summer.

Bannerman’s name can still be seen on its walls despite a powder explosion in 1920, several fires, and changes in ownership. Visitors can tour the island via passenger boat or kayak.

Gwrych Castle — North Wales, UK

Gwrych Castle was built in the early 1800s as the home of Lloyd Hesketh Bamford-Hesketh. It is said that Queen Victoria visited once before taking the throne.

It had a total of 128 rooms, including 28 bedrooms, an outer hall, an inner hall, two smoke rooms, a dining room, a drawing room, a billiards room, an oak study, and a range of accommodations for servants. During World War II, it housed 200 Jewish refugees, and was later open to the public as a theme park complete with a zoo.

The castle was bought several years ago with the intention of being converted into an opera house and luxury hotel, but the plan never materialized.

The Ruins — Talisay City, Philippines

Legend has it that Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson, a sugar baron who owned plantations in the 20th century, built the mansion in memory of his wife who …read more

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