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Yuengling is the oldest brewery in America and the largest independent craft brewer, producing more than 2 million barrels of beer annually.
Jen and Wendy Yuengling are responsible for the operations and marketing, respectively, of the family beer business, D.G. Yuengling & Son.
Their father, Dick, began passing on responsibilities to his four daughters over the last couple decades.
Jen and Wendy explained that their main challenge is determining how to push the brand forward without compromising a legacy business with millions of lifelong fans.

Four sisters are behind Yuengling, the oldest brewery in America.

For an episode of Business Insider’s podcast “This Is Success,” we spoke with Jen Yuengling, in charge of operations, and Wendy Yuengling, chief administrative officer.

Their father, Dick, took over the family business back in 1985. He was the one who turned it from a local brewery into America’s largest independent craft brewery — last year it produced more than 2 million barrels of beer.

Now it’s his daughters’ turn to take the business in new directions. This year, they released a new pilsner beer, and while that’s a far cry from some trendy IPA, it’s the first new Yuengling product in 17 years.

Jen and Wendy told me what it was like when their dad sat them down and asked if they wanted to run the company that carried their last name.

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Wendy Yuengling: It was probably mid to late ’90s, where we had a sort of come-to-Jesus discussion with our dad. At that point, we had the one brewery and we were probably producing twice …read more

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