Gambling will gut you.

After years of preparation, in 2018 I finally got the courage to put down a significant amount of money along with my cousin to join the Westgate SuperContest.

Last Sunday was the first time my picks actually mattered — if I had the best gambling year of my life, I’d have a shot at splitting a $1.5 million grand prize with my cousin. I was ready to live the fantasy.

Then my picks went 1-4. Gross. Even worse, those losses came in a myriad of gut-punching ways. The Giants were an inch away from scoring a two-point conversion that would’ve saved me a loss, and the Steelers somehow blew a 14-point lead to the Browns to settle in a tie.

Thankfully, not all my bets were losers. We hit our moneyline underdog with the Chiefs beating the Chargers outright, an easy two-team teaser with the help of the Ravens and Vikings, and also cashed our Monday Night Chaser. Even with a brutal stretch of SuperContest picks, I survived with my bankroll intact.

There’s only one thing to do after a rough week — dust yourself off, check your wallet, and charge back in.

Below are our picks for Week 2 of the Westgate SuperContest, along with some of our other favorite bets on the slate.

SuperContest Pick 1: Indianapolis Colts (+6) over Washington Redskins

Week 2 is all about avoiding overreaction, and this line looks about three points too high based on where it would’ve been before the Redskins big win in Arizona to start the season. I think that game spoke more to the Cardinals deficiencies than anything else, and while Indianapolis won’t be world-beaters this year, they can certainly keep pace with Washington.

Andrew Luck can basically will the Colts offense …read more

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