Last week, Jim Carrey told the world what he really thinks of the Canadian health-care system on the hit show Real Time with Bill Maher. While our media is constantly being bombarded by messages that our health-care system is the ideal to live up to, it’s a concept that only sounds nice on paper. In practice, we pay high prescription prices, have to wait a minimum of two years for many specialists, and marginalized members of society receive worse care due to discrimination pushed by doctors trying to siphon through their long list of patients.

I’m not feeding readers “bulls**t you get on all the political shows from people that [the Canadian health care system] is a failure,” as Carrey announces that the dissent people have of this system is untrue. I am an East Coast resident, with private and public insurance, who has twice had to seek out services in the United States that weren’t readily available in Canada for two different conditions. Had I been American with either condition, I would have been eligible under private insurance for coverage or reimbursement.

My first trip to the U.S. for treatment came as a surprise when I was invited on The Doctors to get treatment for dermatillomania. In 2015 there were only two specialists for body-focused repetitive behaviours, with both being in Ontario. While there are now eight specialists in Canada (and 400+ in the U.S.), none are east of Ontario. While on The Doctors, I was going through a health crisis that was unaddressed due to long waiting lists and insufficient treatments in Canada. I have had to wait two years for the local pain clinic and orthopedic surgeon, both who ended up …read more

Source:: The Huffington Post – Canada Music


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