When I returned to work after the birth of my eldest of now five kids, and came home to this kind of mess and work awaiting me, (you’ll note the counters with every spare surface strewn; bins of laundry to be folded; the dishwasher waiting to be emptied, and then refilled, and refilled and refilled; a family to feed; kids to wash, etc.) I was overwhelmed, and became cranky and stressed.

Fast forward to 12 years later – it really doesn’t phase me now. One more thing to do? Add it to the list!

Over the years, I’d had to let my ‘type-A-ness’ slide, accepting that I simply will not have the time I need to put things ‘right’, arranged just how I want them, for the next, oh, 15 years or so.

There’s gum stuck to my kitchen floor, and though the seasons are now changing once again, I haven’t yet managed to properly sort, fold and store the kids’ clothing from last winter’s use. Though now that I think of it, this will, in fact, make the transition back to warm-clothes much simpler – I’ll just grab what we need from the piles on the dresser. #lifehack . #winning .

Somehow over time, I’ve managed to let the details go, and to focus on what matters to me.

It was picture day, but I didn’t force my kids to sport new outfits that I shopped for weeks ago, taking time to craft just the right look, as I once would have. I let them pick whatever they wanted, which for my youngest included striped tights and a wildly flower-patterned dress, and for #2 a pair of red shorts with pineapples on them, matched with a neon orange button up. They looked like themselves – the kids I adore – so why would I …read more

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