Mandarin Duck in Central Park

A Mandarin Duck appeared in Central Park, and no one knows how he got there. He was first spotted in early October, but disappeared for two weeks and resurfaced about a week ago.
His unusual presence among the usual duck crowd at Central Park has attracted a lot of social media attention, and over the weekend, crowds gathered in the park to catch a glimpse of him.

At first glance, you might miss it. But among Central Park’s usual waterfowl crowd, there appears to be a new addition. And people are flocking to see him.

A single, male Mandarin duck flaunts his multi-colored feathers as he swims out among a posse of mallards and wood ducks. He’s not a local, and it’s a mystery as to how he arrived. The theory that he escaped from a zoo or sanctuary has been ruled out so far. And since ducks aren’t allowed as pets in New York City, that theory also stands on shaky ground.

The duck was first spotted about a month ago by birdwatchers who frequent the park, but he fell off the grid for two weeks and reappeared a week or so ago. Since then, he’s been traversing different bodies of water throughout the park. The twitter account Manhattan Bird Alert tweets out the location of the duck from time to time.

The best thing about the MANDARIN DUCK in Central Park is how excited everyone else is about birds for once! #birdcp via @ecetweets

— Manhattan Bird Alert (@BirdCentralPark) November 3, 2018

Huge crowds from all over New York City, of all ages, have turned up in the past weekend to see the duck. The Mandarin duck’s favorite hang-out spot, the pond by 59th street and 5th avenue, drew a crowd that …read more

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