Little Mix, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Cardi B, Lady Gaga and more are getting in on the action.

Last week, Carly Rae Jepson released the song “Party for One”, a bubbly, synthy pop track about… well, let’s let Jepsen describe it. “We wrote a song about, basically being alone…” she said hesitantly, all the way back in 2015 on a New York radio show.“I’m trying to find a delicate way to say this. It rhymes with contemplation.”

Back in 2015, Jepsen refused to even consider the possibility of releasing a song about masturbation: “About five minutes into it I was like, ‘You know this isn’t making my album, right?’” But three years later, something’s changed. “Party for One” is vague enough – the lyrics euphemistically talk about dancing for yourself – apart from one key line: “Making love to myself / Back on my beat”.

Songs about female masturbation are hardly unprecedented. In 1984, Cyndi Lauper released “She-Bop”, a song that was so explicit for it’s time that it helped to create the Parental Advisory sticker still adorning expletive-laden records today. “They say I better stop or I’ll go blind,” Lauper sings. “They say I better get a chaperon / Because I can’t stop messin’ with the danger zone”. Six years later came Divinyls’ “Touch Myself”, a sublime, euphoric song about masturbation as infatuation that’s also an indestructible, titanium-level banger. In 1994, Tori Amos released “Icicle”, a (much less jaunty) song about masturbating while her preacher father prays with her family (“Getting off / While they’re all downstairs”) that sees self-love as divine: “When my hand touches myself / I can finally rest my head / And when they say ‘take of his body’ / I think I’ll take from mine instead”. In her 1996 song, “You’re Makin’ Me …read more

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