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The 2018 midterm election results are coming in, and all eyes are on the battle playing out in the House of Representatives, which Democrats are forecasted to re-take.

FiveThirtyEight’s deluxe House forecast, which includes everything from polls, district fundamentals, fundraising, candidate quality, gave the Democrats a 6 in 7 chance of taking back the House, predicting they would gain an average of 36 seats.

Their House model cast 13 contests as tossup, meaning both candidates had less than a 60% chance of winning, 14 as lean Democratic, and 7 as lean Republican.

Here’s which parties and candidates are winning these highly competitive districts:

Kentucky’s 6th district: Republican Andy Barr wins re-election with 50.9% of the vote compared to Democrat Amy McGrath 47.9%.

The candidates: Marine veteran Amy McGrath, the first woman to fly an F-18 fighter jet in the Marine Corps, launched a high-profile bid to unseat long-time Rep. Andy Barr.

Her race gained national attention after one of her campaign ads detailing the barriers she overcame as a woman in the Marines went viral, and she raised $6.9 million in individual donations compared to Barr’s $2.5 million.

The district: The 6th occupies a large portion of central Kentucky, including the city and suburbs of Lexington. It’s Cook Partisan Lean is R+9, and Trump carried the district by 15 points in 2016.

Predictions and polls: The race was rated as a pure toss-up by FiveThirtyEight on the day of the election. A Nov. 1-4 Siena College/NYT poll showed McGrath and Barr in a dead heat.

Virginia’s 5th congressional district: Republican Denver Riggleman beats Democrat Leslie Cockburn 53% to 47%.

The candidates: Republican Denver Riggleman, a businessman and Air Force veteran, defeated Democratic candidate and former investigative journalist Leslie Cockburn in the …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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