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Photographer Russell James has worked with the Victoria’s Secret brand for 20 years.
The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, filming in New York City on November 8 and set to air on December 2, is a big date in his diary.
He told INSIDER the biggest change he’s seen over the years is the models starting to “look after themselves.”
“They’re eating great, training great. They’re models of health and fitness.”
He added that they’re also socially conscious when it comes to the products in their beauty regimens.

A photographer who has worked with the Victoria’s Secret brand for 20 years has revealed the truth about the models’ behind-the-scenes routines — and they sound more healthy than you might think.

INSIDER caught up with world-famous photographer Russell James ahead of the release of his new 448-page book “Angels,” which will include nude portraits of some of the world’s most iconic women including Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

Over the years, James, known for shooting ad campaigns for designers like Ralph Lauren and Burberry, has formed close relationships with the Victoria’s Secret “Angels” — models who have special contracts with the company.

Throughout the year, his career sees him shoot everything “from lingerie to sport” — but the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, set to air on December 2 this year, is still a big date in his diary.

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“We’re already working on it now,” he told INSIDER late last month, calling the show “the largest show production in the world.”

The show takes place today, November 8, in New York City, though it won’t air until December 2.

And James says audiences are in for a treat.

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