90 day fiance sneak peek leida is disgusted by erics home

Like fellow 90 Day Fiance stars Larissa and even Asuelu, Leida arrived at what’s to be her new home and declared that the place sucks.

But so far, we’ve only seen glimpses of her disappointment and disgust upon arriving at Eric’s apartment.

Now, in this sneak peek video, we see Leida’s full reaction to Eric’s home. This is not for the faint of heart.

“What?!” Leida Margaretha exclaims upon entering Eric Rosenbrook’s home. “Awwww.”

Her disappointment is palpable. There’s strain in her voice, as if she might cry.

Eric immediately places the blame for the state of his apartment on his adult daughter.

“I leave, what, for one week?” Eric says. “And this is what happens to the place?”

There are dishes in the sink, laundry is in a basket, and a lot to be desired.

Unless there was something not shown in the video, his 19-year-old daughter didn’t really make it that messy.

(We have a minor conspiracy theory about this, in fact, which we’ll get into below)

But Leida is accustomed to a spacious home with a cleaning staff. This, to her, is a nightmare.

“It’s such a mess here,” Leida laments. “Really, like …”

“Yeah, well, that’s Tasha,” Eric says, possibly hoping to endear himself to his fiancee by throwing his daughter under the bus.

“I told her to clean up,” Eric laments.

“It’s not even clean!” Leida exclaims. “So she left, like, this …” she then lets out an exhasperated sigh.

“It’s such a mess,” Leida rants. “Garbage everywhere, and dirty dishes. Leftovers.

Eric sounds a little defensive, saying: “I’m trying to teach her to wash your dishes when you’re done and put them away.”

“What is this?” Leida asks at the refrigerator.

Eric replies: “fridge.”

Leida says “ewww” as soon as she opens it, closing it immediately. “I am pissed already.”

Speaking directly to the camera, Eric sounds much more chill about the state …read more

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