Magical and mesmerizing are the words most frequently used to describe Abram Khan’s Chotto Desh. It’s a dance and storytelling extravaganza born in Bangladesh, created in Britain and now touring the world.

It took the joint sponsorship of Springboard Performance, StoryBook Theatre and Mount Royal’s Taylor Centre Concert Series to bring Chotto Desh to Calgary for five performances during its three-day whistlestop visit at the Bella Concert Hall Nov. 14-16.

“Abram Khan is one of the most inventive choreographers working anywhere in the world today and, as a result of this reputation, he is afforded the kind of budgets and production values available to very few other independent dance companies. To see a work of this scale aimed at a family audience is truly rare for Calgary,” says Nicole Mion of Springboard Performance.

Chotto Desh is the story of a young man’s journey from his homeland in Bangladesh to his adopted home in Britain. It is told through, dance, movement, voice-overs and, most astonishingly through the use of animation to create various locations, animals, birds and fish.

The dancer who performs the show shaves his head and paints a face on his bald pate so that he becomes his own puppet that helps him tell the story.

When Khan originally created his show, then simply called Desh, for adults in 2011 it was a hit with audiences and critics alike, but he noticed how his show captivated children who came with their parents. In 2015, he revamped the show for family audiences.

“It’s definitely not an adult show anymore but neither is Chotto Desh a kids’ show. It really is a show the whole family can and will enjoy together,” says Mion.

Nicolas Ricchini in Chotto Desh, a multimedia story created by renowned choreographer Abram Khan.

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Source:: Calgary Herald


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