MONTREAL — Carey Price isn’t making nearly as many saves as the Montreal Canadiens need him to right now. To his credit, he’s not making excuses, either.

In the aftermath of a 6-5 overtime loss to the Buffalo Sabres at the Bell Centre on Thursday night, Price was visibly agitated and curt. The first question directed his way was about a sloppy game being tough on the goalies — the Sabres replaced starter Linus Ullmark with Carter Hutton after 40 minutes — and the Canadiens’ franchise player could have run with that general assessment, invoking “one of those nights” logic to duck responsibility.

Instead, he stepped into the line of fire.

“Um… let’s just cut to the chase,” Price said. “I just didn’t play very good tonight.”

While some version of that sentiment has been screamed in hard-talking corners of sports radio and the internet for a couple weeks now, the majority of observers — and certainly those on Price’s team — have taken a more measured approach. Because if ever you were going to cut a guy a break, if ever there was a goalie who deserved the benefit of the doubt while he worked through some things, it’s the one whose sparkling play over the years has consistently provided the Canadiens with wins they weren’t always worthy of top to bottom.

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