The Prime Minister’s problem is that there will be something for almost everyone in the Tory Party to hate about her deal, and not nearly enough for a critical mass of Labour MPs to like.

Come on Arlene! That’s the gist of the private plea for support on Brexit that’s gone from Theresa May to the DUP to the front page of this morning’s Times. In a leaked letter to her parliamentary allies, the Prime Minister said she would not allow an Irish border backstop that separated Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK to ever come into force. Far from being reassured, Foster has taken this to mean that May will sign up to a Brexit deal that includes it – in other words, exactly the sort of deal the DUP won’t support.

You might have already filed this under “stuff we know already”, and to a certain extent that’s true. May wants a deal, the EU won’t agree to one without a backstop, and the rest is inevitable. But what is still remarkable is that “we” doesn’t include Downing Street, which is still trying to buy Foster off with platitudes about how much May loves the union. As far as DUP MPs are concerned, those platitudes are not matched by the legal reality of what May is going to agree to and they haven’t bought it for a long time. One of their number describes Downing Street’s repeated attempts to try to disguise that truth as falling under the casual definition of madness. Now, to coin a phrase, it’s the DUP who are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore.

It speaks to a bigger problem with May’s Brexit strategy. Her plans can’t pass parliament unless her political Micawberism is vindicated and concessions from somewhere …read more

Source:: New Statesman


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