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World War I ended 100 years ago Sunday.

Beginning in July 1914, the Great War lasted more than four years and killed an estimated 8.5 million soldiers and 13 million civilians.

And of the more than 65 million troops that were mobilized during the war, a handful of them were very famous, especially during the time period.

Here are 10 famous people who served during the Great War.

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1. Ernest Hemingway

Born in 1899, Ernest Hemingway was a leading American journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist.

Turned away from the US military because of an eye defection, Hemingway joined the American Red Cross as an ambulance driver during the war.

In 1918, Hemingway was injured by mortar fire in Italy, and his experiences during the Great War led him to write “A Farewell to Arms.”

He received the 1954 Nobel Prize in Literature. Hemingway committed suicide in Ketchum, Idaho, in 1961.

2. Humphrey Bogart

Born in 1899, Humprey Bogart was an American actor known for films such as “Casablanca” and “The Maltese Falcon.”

In 1918, Bogart joined the US Navy, and spent most of his time during the war transporting troops back and forth between the US and Europe on the USS Leviathan, according to

There is some debate about whether Bogart’s lip scar, which gave him a lisp, came during war-time.

Some said a German prisoner punched him, others that it was caused by shrapnel from a German shell that hit the Leviathan. Bogart himself said it happened when he was a kid, and that Hollywood played it up to make him appear tough.

Bogart died from esophageal cancer in Los Angeles in 1957.

3. F. Scott Fitzgerald

Born in 1896, …read more

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