At about 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday I had a mystical experience. There I was reading how appalled people were at what Media Matters had reported about what Tucker Carlson said about Warren Jeffs on the radio program of Bubba the Love Sponge Clem during Barack Obama’s first presidential term when I saw that, per the Daily Caller, the current president of the aforementioned group — whose founder became famous after writing an article about how Anita Hill was “a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty” — had himself written some very crude things on his personal blog about “Japs,” “jewry,” and naked teenagers, albeit during the Bush administration.

Then it occurred to me: Suppose that someone at another liberal watchdog group were to do some digging and find that in 2009 the Daily Caller reporter in question had made some very untoward remarks about feminists on a group blog he edited with other college Republicans at the state university he attended many years ago. One of those new-right news startups, the ones with names like Patriot Bulletin, could retaliate by breathlessly pointing out that in 2005, Generic Woke Reporter had sarcastically suggested — as MSNBC’s Joy Reid did around the same time — that Harriet Miers (remember her?) looked not unlike a dated stereotype of a lesbian. Not to be outdone, an indefatigable Resistance News staffer could fly out to Oklahoma to discover in the vast but mostly uncatalogued archives of the student paper at Former President High School that in 1988 the editor of Patriot Bulletin had attended an all-male Halloween party dressed as Bad-era Michael Jackson, complete with all three visible leather straps — a kind of unwoke hat trick of sexism, racism, and failure to distance himself clairvoyantly from …read more

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