Months ago, former UCP leadership candidate Brian Jean was warning leader Jason Kenney, the party, and former prime minister Stephen Harper that political trouble was ahead.

That trouble deepened Friday with news the RCMP is investigating alleged misconduct around the “kamikaze candidate” scandal in the UCP leadership race, as well as possible other offences beyond the authority of Alberta’s elections commissioner.

Jean alluded to his warnings in a Facebook post Friday. Later, he supplied Postmedia with emails he sent to Kenney, UCP president Erika Barootes, and also a text message to Harper.

“Elbows up politics is one thing, and no one minds a fair fight, but breaking the law is something different,” he told Kenney in an email sent Dec. 31.

“To be successful with Albertans, the UCP can’t have candidates and employees who are involved in breaking election laws.”

Jean says he got no response from Kenney. At no point in any of the correspondence does Jean allege improper behaviour by Kenney.

Asked about the email from Jean at a news conference Friday, Kenney said: “Actually, I did raise his (Jean’s) concerns with our party president at that time.

“And secondly, when we started to hear reports about potentially problematic donations to another leadership campaign, I asked our staff to talk to everybody that had been on my leadership campaign, so to see if they had any information or knowledge about inappropriate donations.

“And the result of those inquiries was that nobody was aware of, had heard anything about, or in any way participated in such activity.

“It was at that time that Mr. Kerr, Randy Kerr, told us that he wasn’t aware of anything problematic. We subsequently, I think, last week learned information that was to the contrary. We immediately acted upon that.”

Kerr was fined by the Election Commissioner and made to step down as UCP candidate …read more

Source:: Calgary Herald


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