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Business Insider named 10 transportation leaders to its list of 100 people transforming business.
They include the CEO of a self-driving car startup, a prolific airline entrepreneur, and the logistics boss of the biggest retailer in the world.
See the full list of the 100 people transforming business here.

From self-driving and electric cars to scooters and low-cost air travel, the transportation space is in the midst of a massive upheaval.

We’ve identified 10 people in the industry rethinking how we get from A to B and laying the groundwork for the future of transportation.

Read on to see the full list of 10 people transforming transportation.

Profiles by Matt Debord, Mark Matousek, Benjamin Zhang, Graham Rapier, and Rachel Premack.

Aicha Evans, the CEO of Zoox, is developing a bold business model for self-driving cars

Aicha Evans joined the autonomous-driving startup Zoox earlier this year and is faced with the challenge of turning promise into reality.

Unlike nearly all its competitors, Zoox intends to create autonomous-driving software and assemble the vehicles it’ll use in an autonomous ride-hailing service it plans to launch in 2020. It’s a tall task for an experienced automaker or a major tech company, let alone a startup founded five years ago. But if Zoox can deliver on its ambitious goals, the rewards could be immense.

Before becoming Zoox’s CEO in February, Evans was the senior vice president and chief strategy officer at Intel, where she led projects that required the integration of hardware and software, one of the primary challenges Zoox will face as it brings its technology to market.

Evans is also the rare tech CEO who isn’t a white man. Born in Senegal, she was drawn to Zoox by its transformative potential.

“When you’re a young girl from Senegal and you end up sitting in my shoes, impact and meaning …read more

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