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Business Insider named 10 investing heavyweights to its list of 100 people transforming business.
They include the godfather of smart-beta investing, a millennial running the research operation at the world’s largest hedge fund, and a short seller who can move the market with a single tweet.
See the full list of the 100 people transforming business here.

The investing landscape has seen an incredible amount of upheaval in recent years — and it has technology to thank.

Quantitative investing has blossomed as a money-making juggernaut using techniques never seen before. Artificial intelligence and supercomputers have armed traders with an unprecedented amount of information. Markets are moved by short social media posts. And it’s never been easier for young professionals to invest their own money.

We identified 10 visionaries who are either helping usher in investing’s technological revolution, or doing something wholly unique and influential. Read on to see the full list of 10 people transforming investing.

Rob Arnott, chairman and CEO of Research Affiliates LLC, helped commercialize quant investing

Rob Arnott has built his career on challenging convention.

“Inherent skepticism is probably the single most dominant contributor to my career,” Arnott told Business Insider. “Basically, when I hear something that’s conventional wisdom, I’ll often test it.”

“Does it work? And does it work for the reason people think it does? When it doesn’t, I’ll write an article about it and publish my research, and that’s when the fun starts.”

Now the world’s biggest firms pay Arnott for advice. He serves as chairman and CEO of Pimco subadvisor Research Affiliates LLC, where he advises on more than $200 billion.

Perhaps his best-known accomplishment is pioneering an investment strategy known as “smart beta.” The backbone of smart beta is a technique he’s created and popularized called fundamental indexation. And …read more

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