Notre Dame cathedral on the evening of 15 April

The fire was brought under control this morning but destroyed the spire and roof of the centuries-old cathedral.

Firefighters brought the blaze that engulfed Notre Dame Cathedral in central Paris under control on Tuesday morning, though the roof and spire of the cathedral have been destroyed.

Thousands of Parisians watched in horror as the fire engulfed the medieval landmark. Onlookers sung hymns as rescue workers attempted to put out the flames.

The blaze tears through the roof of the cathedral on 15 April. All photos: Getty

Firefighters attempt to control the blaze on 15 April.

The fire destroys the roof of the cathedral on 15 April.

Bystanders look on as the flames engulf the cathedral.

People kneel and pray as the fire rages.

The interior of the Cathedral after the fire on 15 April.

Firefighters continue to secure the cathedral on 16 April.

The original stained glass window on the southern side of the cathedral.

A photo of the cathedral in 1920.

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Source:: New Statesman


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