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Felix Gray’s Sleep Glasses are a step up from regular blue-light-blocking glasses.
They not only ease the glare from your computer screen, but ambient light from, say, overhead fluorescent lighting found in places such as, but certainly not limited to, your office.
Designed for screen-gazing before bedtime, I’ve found them to serve as a better solution to the general horrors of corporate office lighting — a solution I can’t put a price ($95) on.

By a show of hands, who enjoys facing the incessant blare of a computer screen all day? That’s what I thought.

You may be privy to blue-light glasses, simple frames that diffuse blue light, or the rays that come off a computer screen which, along with all the other wavelengths, drive our eyes toward nearly obliterative exhaustion. They’re great. I began wearing them shortly after my foray into office life last year, and I went from having an urge to spend weeknight evenings in a blackout room to strutting out to the waterfront to soak up the last fervent rays of the summer sun. For that, I can’t praise ZENNI and their Blokz Blue Blockers enough.

But there’s a new kid in town.

A few weeks ago, my editor handed me a pair of Felix Gray “Sleep” Glasses to wear while I was on the computer at night, before bed, as a sort of transitional lens from working day into night — they run us around the clock here. No, on the contrary, she intended for me to use them while watching …read more

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