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Starbucks quietly opened a new innovation lab in its Seattle headquarters in November.
Projects based in the Tryer Center are intended to go from idea to action in 100 days, with Starbucks churning through more than 130 projects so far.
Read on for a look inside the lab.
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A tour of Starbucks’ new innovation lab reveals a new approach to change that has taken root at the coffee giant.

This week, Starbucks released a video of CEO Kevin Johnson giving a tour of the Tryer Center, the innovation lab that the company quietly opened in November on the ground floor of its Seattle headquarters. Since then, the company has churned out more than 130 projects from the lab, with dozens making their way into stores.

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“Scale and complexity can be the enemy of speed,” Johnson said in a post about the Tryer Center on Starbucks’ website. “We realized two years ago we had to change the way we work in order to be more agile.”

Here’s a look inside Starbucks’ new innovation lab.

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The lab is intended to boost innovation at Starbucks without bogging down the company, with Johnson saying in the video that it aims to transform ideas into action in just 100 days.

“People have said, ‘How does a tech guy end up running a coffee company?'” said Johnson, who previously worked at tech companies including Microsoft. “But in the technology industry, if you fail to innovate or reinvent, you fall behind.”

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