Bethenny Frankel: Look in the Mirror

Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York finally showed us that blowout fight from the midseason trailer, and it did not disappoint.

If you watch The Real Housewives of New York online of late, you know that Luann has bordered on insufferable.

Every single time any of the ladies have tried to help her, she’s complained that she’s too busy to give a you-know-what because she’s a cabaret girl.

When the explosive episode kicked off Bethenny and Ramona were trying to get through to Ramona that her drinking is a cause for concern.

This conversation occured shortly after Sonja threatened to knock Bethenny out before smacking her head off a table. It was pretty wild.

Sonja, however, welcomed the feedback from the ladies, and ultimately decided to take Luann up on the offer to attend an AA meeting with her.

Before we got to the AA meeting, new addition to the cast, Barbara Kavovit admitted that she felt left out.

Bethenny wanted to find out why Barbara felt that way, so she pulled her aside.

“If you guys would rather me go home, I’ll go home,” Barbara said while simultaneously fighting back the tears.

Bethenny told her that she felt she was too up Lu’s ass to forge friendships with the other ladies.

Well, she didn’t quite say it that way, but you get the gist. Ultimately, Barbara agreed that she could be a better friend away from Luann and that was that.

Sonja struggled at the AA meeting, but she put on a brave face. It all came to the forefront when Sonja broke down at the beach when she met up with the ladies.

Sonja later admitted that it was too much for her to take on board, and the ladies tried to …read more

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