A $1,325, two-day class class called “Biotech for Non-Scientists” teaches executives, web designers, investors and others who work in or around the healthcare industry about the science at its very core.
Attendees come from some of the biggest healthcare companies around, like Merck, Pfizer and Roche. Some haven’t taken science classes since high school.
Founder Stacey Hawkins came up with the idea and her company, Maryland-based Biotech Primer, nearly 20 years ago when she realized that even people in the burgeoning biotech field were having trouble keeping up with the complex, ever-changing science.
Instructor Kevin Curran says he’s always surprised by “how much people benefit from a review of basic cell biology.” Confusion about this type of core science is, he says, “a problem throughout the healthcare industry.”
We took the class in May. Read on to hear what it was like.
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On a recent weekday morning in midtown Manhattan, a conference room full of buttoned-up professionals from some of the world’s biggest healthcare companies and financial firms were mashing up strawberries into a pulpy froth, giggling as they worked.

Not exactly your typical Wednesday at work.

“It’s supposed to look like a smoothie, but don’t drink it,” the instructor, Collins Jones, said. “Some of you are really getting into this.”

At office tables converted to impromptu lab benches, pharmaceutical consultants, newly-minted biotech venture capitalists and business development professionals were working in pairs to strain and pipette the red pulp.

Then something new appeared in the glass test tubes, filmy, white, and decidedly snot-like. Strawberry DNA, the instructor explained: millions of strands of it, all clumped together.

“Get out,” someone exclaimed loudly.

Welcome to “BioBasics: Biotech for Non-Scientists,” an in-person, two-day course that walks the armies of finance types, human resource managers, and …read more

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