Caelynn and the Duggars

Now, it’s not every day that you see the words “Duggar” and “slutty” in the same sentence.

Which is probably why so many reality TV junkies were shook by a tweet describing Bachelor In Paradise star Caelynn Miller-Keyes as “the lost, slutty Duggar sister.”

Now, if you’re a member of Bachelor Nation, you’re probably familiar with Caelyn from Colton’s season of The Bachelor, as well as the current season of Bachelor In Paradise.

We don’t think her behavior on either show could ever really be described as “slutty,” but by Duggar standards wearing a skirt that dexposes your knees is considered sinfully salacious.

(“Knees are for prayin’, not displayin'” is something we could imagine Jim Bob saying.)

As first pointed out by Life & Style, the tweet that prompted a million surprised head nods reads thusly:

Take issue with use of the word “slutty” if you want (We’re pretty sure it’s a joke, so maybe don’t take it too seriously?), but there’s ni denying that the second part is true.

Once you see the resemblance between Caelynn and the Duggar girls, it really can’t be unseen.

And it seems the OG tweeter is not the only one who spotted the Duggar doppelganger amond the swimwear enthusiasts on this summer’s BIP.

“Caelynn looks like she could be a Duggar sister,” tweeted one fan.

“Is Caelynn a member of the Duggar family????!” added another. A third chimed in,

“I watched The Bachelor for the first time this season, and my takeaway is that Caelynn is actually Jessa Duggar wearing a ~very~ light disguise.”

Yes, it’s widely agreed that the Duggar Caelynn most resembles is Jessa, who has been conspicuously absent from social media in recent weeks.

(This has yet to spark a rumor that Caelynn is actually Jessa in disuguise, but the internet being the internet, we’re sure someone will …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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