Boris Johnson and Dominic Grieve

Anti-Brexit Conservative members of parliament have welcomed discussions with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn over his plan to oust Boris Johnson, take over as caretaker prime minister, and delay Brexit.
Dominic Grieve, Ken Clarke, Caroline Spelman and Nick Boles all wrote to the Labour leader agreeing to talks.
Conservative MP Guto Bebb became the first to explicitly indicate he could vote to topple his own government.
The Labour leader’s plan has received support from some opposition parties but others remain opposed to backing him.
Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has insisted that Jeremy Corbyn is not the right politician to unite opposition forces and stop Johnson.

Conservative rebels are set to meet with Jeremy Corbyn to discuss installing him as temporary prime minister to stop a no-deal Brexit.

Several former Conservative ministers yesterday said they “welcomed” Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s proposal to bring down the government, install himself as a temporary prime minister, and delay Brexit.

Former attorney general Dominic Grieve, as well as senior Conservative colleagues Oliver Letwin, Caroline Spelman, and Nick Boles — who now sits as an independent MP — signed a letter offering to meet Corbyn “to discuss the different ways” of preventing a no-deal Brexit on October 31.

It comes after the Labour leader wrote a letter to other opposition parties proposing a government of national unity, which would see him installed as a caretaker prime minister “on a strictly time-limited basis” to request a delay to Brexit before calling a general election.

In order for the plan to work, at least two Conservative MPs — as well as all opposition MPs — would need to vote against Boris Johnson’s government, which has a majority of two, in a confidence vote.

Guto Bebb, who is standing down at the next election and opposes no deal, became the first Conservative MP to indicate on Thursday that he …read more

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