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Royal commentator Kristen Meinzer called the royal family “the longest-running reality show of all time.”
But despite the global fascination with the likes of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, there’s little known about what really goes on behind palace walls.
Those who know royal life better than anyone are palace staff, who get to experience all the luxury — and “pressure cooker scenarios” — that Her Majesty and co have to offer.
INSIDER spoke to current and former employees of the royal family, who say that despite having access to the “best cars, yachts, and restaurants,” working in the palace comes with its own set of rules and challenges.
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“I may get in trouble for saying this…” said Deborah Mitchell, facialist to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, during an interview with INSIDER.

“But I’ve even been offered a cup of coffee by HRH. You can get cups of coffee any time, but getting a cup of coffee that the future Queen of England made herself?

“It was literally fantastic. I can’t even say whether it had cream in it or not.”

Being worried about disclosing a cup of coffee may seem a tad extreme, but when INSIDER went on the hunt for current and former employees of the royal family, it was difficult to find staff who weren’t hesitant to speak up for fear of the palace’s tightly-reined press machine.

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After all, royal staff are often required to sign strict non-disclosure agreements, meaning there are precise rules as to what they are allowed to disclose to third parties — if anything at all.

Because of this, little is known about what goes on behind the …read more

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