Tim Zonca will start his new role as Stackery CEO on Sept. 23.

The board of Portland-based startup Stackery had a specific wish list in its search for a new CEO after the company’s co-founder stepped down from the role.

Based on their belief that Stackery is on the right track with its technology for developing serverless applications, they wanted a leader with a track record of taking products to market on a large scale.

They also wanted someone with experience in sales and marketing for DevOps, the popular practice that combines software development and IT operations inside large companies.

And while they conducted a broad search, including candidates in the cloud infrastructure hotbed of Seattle, they were hoping to find someone already immersed in Portland’s unique tech culture.

One person’s name came up repeatedly not only for meeting those requirements but for his strong reputation as a leader, and today he was announced as Stackery’s new chief executive officer. Tim Zonca, previously senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Portland-based DevOps technology company Puppet, will start his new role as Stackery CEO and board member starting Sept. 23.

It happened “the old-fashioned way,” said Diane Fraiman, a Voyager Capital partner and Stackery board member. “It was through people that we trusted that knew us, and with a candidate that literally met the spec that we were looking for.”

Stackery makes technology that helps software developers write serverless computing applications, in which code is handled directly by the cloud and triggered by predefined events, avoiding the need to spin up and pay for virtual machines. Founded in 2016, the company is a graduate of the TechStars Seattle program. Stackery, which has more than a dozen employees, has been searching for a new CEO since Nate Taggart, the original Stackery CEO and co-founder, stepped down from …read more

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