Boris Johnson speaks with year four and year six pupils during a visit to Pimlico Primary school in London on September 10, 2019.

Plus, US Supreme Court approves Trump’s asylum curbs, trade union warns Johnson civil servants must not be asked to break the law.

No-deal Brexit: Labour demand recall of parliament over new document

Labour has said it is “more important than ever” that parliament is recalled after the government published its no-deal Brexit assessment. The five-page Operation Yellowhammer document warned of rising food and fuel prices, disruption to medicine supplies and public disorder on Britain’s streets. Its release was prompted by a “humble address” motion passed by MPs before parliament’s suspension. Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer said parliament’s recall would would allow MPs “the opportunity to scrutinise these documents and take all steps necessary to stop no-deal”. Michael Gove, the cabinet minister with responsibility for no-deal planning, said “revised assumptions” would be published “in due course alongside a document outlining the mitigations the government has put in place and intends to put in place”.

US Supreme Court approves Trump plan to curb asylum

The US Supreme Court has approved plans by the Trump administration to severely limit the ability of Central American immigrants to claim asylum in the US. Under the new policy, anyone who passes through another country on their way to the US, such as Mexico, will be required to seek protection there first. Groups challenging the move, which reverses decades of US policy, say that it violates the US refugee act and the UN refugee convention guaranteeing the right to seek asylum to those fleeing persecution.

Union warns Johnson civil servants must not be asked to break the law

Senior civil servants could be forced to break the law and may be prosecuted if they help Boris Johnson’s government defy the will of parliament, their union has warned. In a letter obtained by the

Source:: New Statesman


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