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Former Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jordan Payton has been accused of grabbing a server by the collar at Los Angeles restaurant Delilah, and balling up his fist as if to punch him.
Insider learned this while reporting on an unrelated incident at the restaurant described in a lawsuit that names the singer Drake among its defendants.
Payton strongly denies the accusation.
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Insider recently published a story detailing the close relationship between Drake and Los Angeles nightlife company The H.Wood Group, and the beating last year of a server who is now suing the company and the rapper.

While digging into the story, we uncovered another incident, this one involving former Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jordan Payton. Former employees said they saw him nearly come to blows with a server when he was denied more drinks at H.Wood restaurant Delilah in late 2016 or early 2017.

Former Delilah employees described Payton as a friend of H.Wood co-owner John Terzian, who allowed the football player to get “VIP treatment” at his establishments.

Two witnesses said that one night, Payton came in and got so drunk that a server was forced to cut him off.

Payton got angry and in response, grabbed the server by his collar with one hand and balled up the other as if he was going to punch him. Luckily, the situation de-escalated before coming to blows.

Not long after, Payton was back to eating at the restaurant regularly. Multiple former employees said that anytime Payton came in, the server in question was moved to a different section or taken off the floor.

“Instead of telling him, ‘Hey, you can’t come in anymore, you’re trying to fight our employees,’ they flipped it, which is crazy,” one former employee said.

Payton strongly denied the story, saying “I’ve never touched anyone at …read more

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