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You can easily set and delete reminders on your iPhone using the built-in Reminders app.
Reminders is a useful app that comes with your iPhone and can store upcoming chores, events, or anything else you have to do or be mindful of.
You can set your Reminders to pop up and remind you at a certain time or when you’re at a certain location.
You can also tick the Reminders off like a “To Do” list, or just delete them altogether.
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The Reminders app on an iPhone allows you to jot things down that you have to do or have to remember.

It also allows you to set your iPhone to send you reminders at a certain time or at a certain location.

Since you can set, edit and delete reminders easily and as often as you want, the Reminders app is extremely useful.

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How to set reminders on your iPhone

1. Tap the Reminders app — it looks like a piece of lined paper with colored dots down one side.

2. Tap on the plus sign. This will bring up a new line.

3. Type in your new reminder.

4. Tap the info symbol — it looks like a lower case “i” in a circle, on the right. This will bring up a screen that allows you to customize your reminder.

5. To set your iPhone to give you a reminder on a certain day, tap on “Remind me on a day,” then scroll down the date and time roller until you find the setting you want. You can also set the reminder to pop up at a certain location — for example, to purchase something the next time you’re at or …read more

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