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Yet another shoe has dropped for Richard Stallman, one of the world’s most famous computer scientists and the founder of the influential Free Software Foundation.
A group of programmers working on the GNU operating system, one of his most important software projects, has called for Stallman to step aside.
Stallman resigned last month from his long-standing positions at MIT and the Free Software Foundation after he made controversial comments about the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, made public in a now-viral Medium post.
In the now-public messages, Stallman appeared to be defending another MIT computing legend, the late Marvin Minsky, who had been accused of assaulting one of Epstein’s alleged victims.
Stallman described Epstein’s victim as likely “presenting herself … entirely willing.”
One of the programmers calling on Stallman to resign from GNU tells Business Insider that Stallman’s comments on Epstein’s victim was the “last straw” when it came to his desire to work with the programming legend, but that the GNU project has no easy way to force Stallman out.
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Yet another shoe has dropped for one of the world’s most famous computer scientists, Richard Stallman — the architect of the free and open source software movement (FOSS), who found himself pushed out of his longstanding roles at MIT and the Free Software Foundation last month after wading into the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

On Monday, a group of 20 programmers who work on one of his most famous projects, the GNU operating system, signed a letter condemning Stallman’s behavior. They want the GNU project to distance itself from Stallman, its founder and leader.

In the letter, they wrote:

“We, the undersigned GNU maintainers and developers, owe a debt of gratitude to Richard Stallman for his decades of important work in the free software movement…Yet, we must …read more

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