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KFC added chicken wings to its permanent menu on Thursday.
The wings are available in four flavors: Nashville Hot, Buffalo, Honey BBQ, and classic (without sauce.)
We gathered a team of taste testers to give these wings a subjective evaluation.
The verdict? We liked the Nashville Hot sauce, but aside from that, the wings were a total disappointment.
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No one asked for KFC to add chicken wings to its permanent menu, yet here they are.

The chain announced on Wednesday that it would offer chicken wings nationwide beginning on Thursday, just as the football season gets into full swing.

Because it is our job to collectively taste every newfangled menu item that fast-food chains come up with, we assembled a council of chicken chompers to take on KFC’s newest creation.

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Here’s how our feast unfolded:

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We tried all four flavors: Nashville Hot, Buffalo, Honey BBQ, and classic (without sauce). They came with cups of ranch dipping sauce.

Buffalo is the classic chicken wing flavor, so naturally we went for those first. But at first glance, it was hard to tell which pieces were flat wings and which were drumsticks.

One taste tester noted the wing’s soggy texture and lumpy shape.

She was displeased by the soft, fatty skin and excess breading. The Buffalo sauce, too, wasn’t very spicy or flavorful.

We were also confused by the classic wings, which didn’t have any sauce on them. Aren’t sauce-less wings just regular KFC chicken?

Another tester dug into the Buffalo wings, but was immediately confounded by a technical difficulty.

Her wing was too wide for the ranch cup! Frustrated, this taste tester ultimately …read more

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