When it comes to sleep, there are two things that millennials (myself included) just can’t get enough of: Weighted blankets and fancy silk eye masks. If you see where I’m going with this, then you know what comes next: A weighted blanket for your face exists, and it’s spectacular.

Just as if my personal taste was determined by the Netflix algorithm, I all but knew I’d love the NodPod based on its description alone. Due to occupational perks, I received the product for free for extremely scientific testing (i.e. sleeping) purposes. It wasn’t until after I used it that I decided to share it’s oddly soothing ways.

Whether it’s having caffeine after 3pm or simply having a lot on my mind, like many folks, I occasionally struggle with falling asleep. And I’ve tried it all: Valerian root sleep drops (which work, but sporadically so). Melatonin gummies (one word to explain the effect these had on me: Nightmares). Headspace’s Sleepscasts. (I can’t help but feel like a failure when I wind up listening till the end.)

Anyway, back to the NodPod: Unlike normal eye masks, the design is flat, with four weighted pods and hollow ends that lay flat. At first, I’ll admit to thinking the design was kind of wack (how the heck is it supposed to stay in place?), but I ate my words the first night I tried it out. The flat design allows you to wear the mask (my guess is that an elastic strap would probably not be able to handle the weight) whether you’re a …read more

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