New Jersey is the most expensive state in the US for car insurance, according to data from the Insurance Information Institute.
GEICO, USAA and Travelers generally offer the best affordable car insurance for drivers with good or better credit, while drivers with poor credit should try GEICO, New Jersey Manufacturers, or Allstate for coverage.
That said, it’s critical to shop around for coverage in order to get your best rate and save. Look beyond the premium and look for the most auto insurance coverage and the lowest deductible to get the most for your money.
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Car insurance is rather expensive in New Jersey, with the average driver paying $1,309 per year. In fact, it’s the most expensive state in the US for car insurance, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

Car insurance companies tend to calculate rates that are different for everyone. Factors like where you live in New Jersey, your age, gender, and your driving record can all play a role in the amount you’ll pay for coverage.

In New Jersey, it’s very important to shop around for your coverage to get the best auto insurance policy for your money. To do this, get several quotes from several different companies and compare them. Here are a few of the best affordable car insurance companies in New Jersey to start your search.

Who has the best car insurance in New Jersey?

Consumer Reports compiled information on insurance companies and their pricing formulas in each state. It found that a few companies offered the best coverage in New Jersey. Here are the best car insurance companies by credit level, along with the average cost for coverage for a single adult driver.

Drivers with good credit (or scores of 670 to 739, according …read more

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