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Silicon Valley firms are putting internal employee newsletters on the walls of bathrooms stalls to reach workers while they poop.
Google pioneered the practice, and Facebook, Yelp,, Group Nine and others have all also adopted the practice in recent years, Business Insider found.
The organizer of one company’s toilet-wall newsletter boasted of the efficiency gains it gives the company.
The practice is emblematic of the technology industry’s relentless drive for productivity and sometimes unconventional working methods.
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Silicon Valley’s efficiency-obsessed tech giants are increasingly turning to the final frontier to reach their employees: the toilet.

Companies like Facebook, Google, and Yelp are all sticking up newsletters, memos, workplace training drills and other important messages for their workforce on the walls of toilet stalls, ensuring workers can learn more about the business while they do their business.

It sounds like something from a script of the satirical “Silicon Valley” TV show on HBO, but the bathroom work reading is as unsurprising a sight at many tech companies today as ping-pong tables or a barista.

The practice is the latest, and perhaps most intrusive, example of how Silicon Valley’s quest for relentless productivity and its yen for rulebreaking are reshaping how we think of the boundaries between business and personal duties. In a world where smartphones and instant messages have made working off-hours from a bus or a bed seem normal, business reading in the washroom may be the next tech industry innovation coming soon to an office near you.

Google was a potty publishing pioneer. Since at least as early as 2006, the $905 billion tech behemoth has published “Testing on the Toilet,” a one-pager that gives engineering advice to fellow employees. It also has “Learning on the Loo,” which helps enlighten enthroned employees about other aspects …read more

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