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Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack said that youth football is on the decline in the United States.
In a recent interview with Business Insider, Stack said that he’s observed that consumers are increasingly flocking toward merchandise associated with youth soccer and baseball.
The CEO singled out the rise of “fall ball” baseball leagues for kids as providing an alternative to football.
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Sporting goods stores are probably the best places to get a decent idea of what’s going on with youth sports today. Where else can you observe firsthand which pieces of equipment are getting grabbed up and which products are striking out with shoppers?

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack said that he’s been noticing one pattern in particular in his fleet of stores: the decline of youth football. Parents are dodging pigskins, shoulder pads, and bulky helmets in favor of soccer balls and baseball bats.

“There’s just so many parents who just don’t want their kids to play football any longer because of the concussion piece,” Stack told Business Insider.

In 2017, The Journal of the American Medical Association published its findings based on the donated brains of 202 dead former football players. They posthumously diagnosed 177 of those athletes — including 110 of 111 former NFL professionals — with chronic traumatic encephalopathy. CTE is a degenerative brain disease linked to memory disorders, depression, and dementia.

And now that the connection between football and permanent brain damage has been flagged, parents are running scared.

University of Washington School of Medicine researchers surveyed a sample of 1,025 parents based in the United States in April 2019. Of those parents, over 60% said “they would support age restrictions …read more

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