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Researchers now have more clues into why metformin, a low-cost diabetes drug is an unlikely solution for many age-related health problems.
Metformin has been called a “miracle drug” because of its low cost, minimal risks, and ability to stave off diabetes and potentially aging.
An April study found metformin has the potential to help some people lose weight and maintain that weight loss for long periods of time.
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Researchers now have more clues into why metformin, a low-cost diabetes drug that has been dubbed a “miracle” because of its potential anti-aging properties, may assist with weight loss.

An April 22 study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine found metformin could help people lose weight for the long term.

Researchers believe the drug — which is prescribed for pre-diabetics, diabetics, and off-label to people with PCOS — may also help patients who have lost large amounts of weight keep it off for the long term.

The study compared the effects of metformin versus diet and exercise for weight loss and weight loss maintenance.

In a randomized controlled trial, researchers prescribed over 3,000 people who were obese, overweight, or who had elevated glucose levels a placebo, metformin, or intensive lifestyle intervention (ILS), which consisted of a regimented diet and exercise plan. Researchers then observed the participants over 15 years, looking at how much weight they lost in the first year of the study, as well as their abilities to maintain that weight loss over time.

The researchers defined long-term weight loss as at least 5% weight loss of the person’s baseline weight at their one-year checkup.

They found that participants who used the ILS method were more likely to lose at least 5% of their weigh in the first year than metformin users, while metformin …read more

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