21-year-old college student Salina, known as “Salinakilla” online, began uploading videos to TikTok about four months ago and now has 882,000 followers. She expects to hit 1 million soon.
From her success on TikTok, Salina told Business Insider that she now earns enough revenue to treat her account like a part-time job.
She broke down how she earns money through the app, and said the main four ways creators on TikTok can use the platform to generate revenue are through sponsorships, selling merchandise, live streaming, and affiliate marketing.
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Creators on TikTok are rising in fame from the massive reach the short-form video platform has, and now they are navigating the different ways to make money from their audiences.

TikTok, the wildly popular app, sits besides other platforms like YouTube and Instagram on Apple’s 2019 list of the top five free iPhone apps of the year. The platform is owned by the Chinese internet company ByteDance and has become one of the hottest social platforms among Generation Z.

21-year-old college student Salina (who preferred to keep her last name private) began uploading videos to TikTok about four months ago when she was on vacation with family in Japan.

“It grew very quickly, just building and building,” she told Business Insider, crediting her growth to TikTok’s homepage “for you” section, which recommends content to users. “I was getting about 10,000 followers a day.”

Salina, who goes by “Salinakilla” online, now has 882,000 followers and expects to hit 1 million soon. She films makeup, dancing, lip syncing, and comedy videos for TikTok. She said she dedicates multiple hours throughout the day to TikTok and …read more

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