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Apple is rumored to use a new type of screen called “mini LED” for its next 16-inch MacBook Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.
Mini LED screens are basically updated versions of the traditional LCD screens that we’ve been using for over a decade in TVs, monitors, smartphones, and anything else with a screen.
Mini LED screens are said to offer nearly the same performance as premium OLED screens, but without the risk of OLED “burn-in,” where on-screen items can permanently burned into the screen if they’re displayed for too long.
While the prospect of mini LED screens in Apple devices is exciting, it’s not a guarantee, as it’s still in the rumor stage.
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Apple’s next 16-inch MacBook Pro is rumored to sport a “mini LED” display that could come close to the gold-standard in screen technology, OLED, and also prevent one of OLED’s biggest shortcomings.

Up until now, Apple has been using traditional LCD screens for its laptops with “Retina” displays, and it’s amazing how good they look with that traditional technology. With mini LED technology, Apple’s laptop displays would look even better.

Mini LED screens are essentially an updated version of today’s traditional LCD screens — both technologies use a panel of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to shine through a layer of liquid crystal, which make up the colors you see on a video you’re watching.

The main difference here is that mini LED screens have more LEDs in that backlight panel that are smaller and packed tighter together to shine through the layer of liquid crystal. With those extra, tightly packed LEDs, and with good local dimming control, a mini LED TV can do a better job of shining bright for the bright parts of a video scene, …read more

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