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Following the London Bridge terror attack on Friday, ISIS sympathisers all but disappeared from the messaging app Telegram.
A crackdown by security services began in late November.
By Saturday afternoon Telegram was a ghost town for Islamic extremists.
Many of them ended up on TamTam, a Russian messaging app.
By Tuesday, however, even those groups had disappeared.
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In the wake of Friday’s terror attack near London Bridge, terrorism researchers combed chat groups popular with ISIS supporters on the messaging app Telegram looking for clues about the attack. But then the groups began to disappear.

By Saturday afternoon scores of groups with thousands of subscribers had been booted off Telegram as part of a major crackdown that began on Nov 25.

But even as prosecutors and police officials in Europe claimed it as a major victory in the fight against terrorist propaganda, terrorism researchers were working as hard as ISIS itself to get around the ban in an effort to see whether ISIS would try and claim the London attack.

A single tweet pointed the way to ISIS’s new online home

Belgian terrorism researcher Pieter Van Ostaeyen, who specializes in tracking foreign fighters who have joined ISIS, saw the 50 or so groups he had infiltrated go dark starting on Friday evening after the London attack. By Saturday afternoon Telegram was a ghost town for Islamic extremists. But a single tweet from an anonymous ISIS supporter gave him something to work with: It linked to a discussion group on TamTam, a much less well-known application developed by a Russian social media network.

Using that lead, Van Ostaeyen made a wild discovery: Most of the groups he followed had conducted a cyber withdrawal from Telegram in favor of TamTam.

“They probably had already set up TamTam” in case of being shut down by Telegram, he …read more

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