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First lady Melania Trump occupies a separate bedroom that is on an entirely different floor from President Donald Trump, according to a new book.
CNN correspondent Kate Bennett confirmed long-standing rumors that the first lady occupies entirely different sleeping and living quarters within the White House residence from her husband.
Bennett reports that the first lady has a two-bedroom space with a “glam room,” for daily hair and makeup, and a private gym with a Pilates machine.
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First lady Melania Trump’s living situation has been a point of curiosity since she made the unheard-of decision to not move into the White House immediately after President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The first lady stayed behind in the family’s New York City penthouse with the couple’s teenage son Barron while he finished the school year.

In June 2017, the mother and son finally moved to the White House, but that didn’t stop speculation about how much time she and the president actually spent together.

A new book by CNN correspondent Kate Bennett confirms long-standing rumors that the first lady doesn’t only have her own room, but occupies an entirely separate floor of the White House from her husband.

The book says the president sleeps in the master bedroom on the second level of the White House residence while the first lady stays on the third floor in a two-room space that was previously occupied by former first lady Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson.

Alongside her bedroom is a “glam room,” for Trump to do her daily hair and makeup, and a private gym with a Pilates machine.

Bennett notes that this makes the Trumps the first couple since the Kennedys and the Johnsons to have separate bedrooms in the residence.

Though the White House has pushed back on

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