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Glassdoor’s annual compilation of the best jobs in America is filled with tech positions, many of which topped the list for 2020.
The company takes three main factors into account when ranking the positions: median annual base salary, overall job satisfaction, and number of job openings.
Front end engineer topped the list this year, replacing the role of data scientist, which has ranked as the number one job on Glassdoor’s roundup since 2016.
The list is further evidence of the growing demand for tech jobs and tech-oriented skills in the job market.
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The technology sector continues to be a lucrative industry for job growth, but that doesn’t mean all tech-oriented jobs are equal when it comes to salary and demand.

Career search and reviews website Glassdoor just shared its yearly list of the best jobs in America, and tech positions landed at the top of the list. The compilation ranks the top 50 occupations in the country by the median annual base salary, overall job satisfaction, and number of job openings.

Nearly half of the entire 2020 list is composed of tech jobs, with the No. 1 ranked position being front end engineer. That role replaces another popular tech job that had been at the top of Glassdoor’s list since 2016: data scientist.

The job of a front end engineer entails managing the public-facing portion of a website or app — i.e. the “front end.” Front end engineers are usually tasked with managing and implementing the user interface of a website or app, although the job requirements will vary depending on the employer.

“While data scientist remains a thriving role, we’re seeing a high demand for front end engineers with over 13,000 open roles, nearly double the number of data scientist open jobs,” Amanda Stansell, …read more

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