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Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky last week said in an interview with CNBC that the company Amazon Web Services is one of the company’s opportunities to “get more efficient,” even as it cuts costs.
Slack, meanwhile, recently disclosed it made a minimum commitment to Amazon Web Services to spend $425 million in the next five years as the companies announced a new partnership.
Cloud spending disclosures are relatively uncommon, but Business Insider dug through recent earnings reports and other securities filings to compile a list of companies that disclosed a minimum obligation to a provider like AWS, Google, or Oracle.
Below is a list of how much companies like Snap, Netflix, Zoom, Pinterest, and Lyft have committed to spending with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud.
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Airbnb has run into some turbulence in the pandemic, and is now looking to cut costs. One of the ways it could do that is cutting cloud spending, and CEO Brian Chesky in a CNBC interview last week Amazon Web Services is one of the company’s opportunities to become more efficient.

“There are still opportunities on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and customer service to get more efficient in how we use data, how we handle contacts,” Chesky said on CNBC. “So we’ll continue to make the business more efficient, but the business is definitely pretty lean at this moment.”

Airbnb doesn’t disclose its cloud spending, but has been on AWS since early on in its existence.

To give some sense of how much companies of Airbnb’s peer companies spend on the cloud, however, workplace chat app Slack recently revealed a commitment …read more

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